Win With Vremi - Wine Preserver And Espresso Maker

By Jo Cooksey

New York kitchenware design company, Vremi have brought their products to the UK, via Amazon and they asked us to review a couple of them. They sent us the Wine Preserver/Vacuum Stopper set which retails at £9.99 and the Stovetop Espresso Maker which retails at £14.99.

Both came in the company’s eye-catching, modern, green and white packaging, complete with humourous taglines. The Vremi company ethos is ‘To create kick-ass products with form, function and fun always in mind.’ Both products are certainly stylish in matte black and silver and very ergonomic in design.

The Wine Preserver is a vacuum pump that comes with 4 stoppers. A stopper is inserted into the neck of the bottle then the vacuum hand pump removes the oxygen from the bottle and makes it airtight. This in turn preserves the wine for a few days longer than when you just ram the cork back in or screw the top on. The science behind it is this method prevents the wine from oxidising and becoming bitter and vinegary. The stopper incorporates a date marker so you can remember when you sealed it. Especially useful if you have a couple of bottles on the go at once or you are doing a lot of entertaining, say over the Christmas period.

Vremi claim it will make your wine last 7 to 10 days, whereas a bottle that hasn’t been vacuum sealed would normally only last 3 or 4 days before the tastes starts to change. I tested it with a bottle of red and a bottle of white. I left the red for 9 days and the white for 7 days and on re-opening both wines were still very fresh, especially the white. This product would make a great present for the wine connoisseur in your life or for someone who likes a small glass of an evening and can make a bottle last quite a few days. I have kept the pump and stopper stored in the original packaging as I fear the stoppers would get lost in the black hole that is my kitchen equipment drawer.

When it came to the espresso maker I confess, I was a little nervous. I have always wanted one but because I have a gas stove I have been worried about balancing it on the pan holder. However, the bottom is quite wide and sat quite firmly on the ring. I still wouldn’t leave it unattended on a gas stove though. This 6-shot version can be used on gas, electric and small or portable induction hobs. The octagonal, aluminium pot is very classic in design but the matte black version sent to me gave it a more modern, slick look. There is a silver version if you want to go down the traditional route.

The instructions provided are clear and concise and the pot was surprising easy to use. It only took a few minutes to have a pot of hot, steaming coffee, so timewise it is efficient enough to use on busy week day mornings, as well as lazy weekend mornings. It will save you a fortune in the daily high street coffee shop visit too. The easy grip handle didn’t get hot whilst on the stove, although always best to exercise caution the first couple of times you use it. I must say, brewing fresh coffee just makes your house smell delicious. All I needed was some bread baking too and it would have been perfect. The pot shouldn’t go in the dishwasher but it quite easy to hand wash, no fiddly bits to lose in the sink.

Both products are stylish, well-made and have very reasonable price points. I would be happy to receive either as a present or to buy for myself. I think either would make great Christmas gifts. They can be bought from Amazon UK

However, we are giving you the chance to WIN both products as a package. Just click on the link below and follow the instructions. The giveaway is set to end on the 13th of November when the winner will be contacted. No purchase necessary. T’s & C’s apply.

Win the Vremi Espresso Maker and Wine Preserver #11

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