Soreen And Disney

By Jo Cooksey

Britain’s number 1 malt loaf bakers, Soreen, have used some Disney magic to conjure up new mini loaves, with everyone’s favourite characters on the packaging.

Mini loaves were already available in Original and Banana flavours and popular with Mums and kids alike but putting Disney characters on them will certainly help children choose a healthy snack when doing the weekly shop. They’re not just for kids, grown-ups can enjoy them too.

These loaves are individually wrapped and come in packs of 5. They are available in toffee and chocolate flavours and are low in fat and have 50% less sugar than standard cake bars. Malt is a brilliant source of natural energy which is high in vitamins and minerals. A healthy snack all round and of course being malt loaf, they are squidgy. They are available from Asda and Sainsbury’s at around £1.45 for a pack of 5.

The Manchester based company bakes over 1.1 million loaves per week and gets through a staggering 2,000 tonnes of dried fruit per year. No wonder it’s the third largest morning goods brand in the UK morning goods sector.

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Photos: © Taste Today