Pure Dog Food

By Jo Cooksey

We recently had a new member join the Taste Today review team. She was brought on board to taste and test certain products that we humans didn’t particularly want to. Our very own office diva, Tilly, (aka Joan Collins), is one of the TT pooches and is totally food obsessed. We rescued her about 6 years ago, although if she could talk I’m sure she would say it was the other round. She tolerates her human family and frankly rules the roost.

Pure Pet Foods contacted us and asked if we had a canine who would like to try their food. So, Tilly was duly promoted from lapdog to dog food researcher. I chose Tilly above our other rescue pooch, Eric, because when I did some research I discovered that Pure is a dehydrated food that once rehydrated has a fairly soft texture. This is particularly relevant to Tilly because she is not in the first flush of youth. Don’t tell her I told you this but we actually think she is getting on a bit. We don’t know her true age because she had been abandoned when we got her but her teeth are definitely starting to give her jip and she is getting grey around her muzzle

Pure manufacture several ranges; Freeze Dried, Dehydrated, Mixers and Treats. I chose the Chunky Chicken Superfood Freeze Dried recipe and a couple of days later a 500kg pack was delivered. The freeze drying technology allows the preserved meat to retain a proper meaty texture without the need for preservatives and additives. Because the ingredients are dehydrated or freeze dried, a 500g pack once rehydrated makes the equivalent of 2kg of food. The 500g box contains 5 chicken breasts, 3 eggs, 7 parsnips, 1 bunch of carrots, ½ a coconut, ½ a sweet potato, 500g of spinach and some additional vitamins and minerals and that’s it. Nothing artificial. It’s also very easy to prepare. Using the handy scoop provided, measure out the required amount, add some warm water, give it a stir, let it cool and then feed. Easy peasy.

The company was started after its founders, childhood pals Dan and Mat, asked themselves the question, ‘Why would you feed your dog something you wouldn’t eat yourself?’ They felt that pet pooches were just as much entitled to a varied, high quality diet as their human owners were and so set about researching the best ways to supply that. Five years on they have gone from experimenting on their kitchen table to a full-blown factory operation, although they have ensured that with the growth there has been no loss in quality. They have regularly introduced new products to the range and this year saw the launch of their revolutionary freeze-dried products.

You can feed it to any dog but it is particularly beneficial for dogs with sensitive tummies, have weight problems, fussy eaters and elderly dogs. It is also of use to raw feeders, who may have forgotten to defrost some meat or need to travel with their dogs. You can buy Pure from their website or from a range of stockists, including branches of Pets At Home. There is even a special Christmas range so your pooch can join in with the festive food and treats but without the saturated fat, sugar and calories. Pure also now do a range of food and treats for cats too.

Now the question is what did our little doggy diva think of Pure? Well, she absolutely hoovered it up and wouldn’t let Eric anywhere near her bowl to have a taste. I have been feeding it to her for a fortnight, which is early days in terms of transitioning with dog food but I can say her coat is still as glossy, her eyes are still as bright and she is the most excited she has ever been when it comes to teatime and believe me that is off the scale excited. Will we buy more Pure food? Yes, we most certainly will and we will experiment with a few flavours and treats as well. We might even let Eric have a go too.

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